In order to get a realistic simulation of IFR conditions--as well as to legally log IFR experience on the simulator for currency--the weather conditions must be at minimums for the approach you are flying.

  1. Determine the MDA, DA or DH for the approach you are planning on using, in feet MSL (the first number shown on the approach plate in the minimums section).
  2. On the right-hand touch monitor, tap MORE.

  3. Tap the weather icon.

  4. Tap the weather page 1 icon.

  5. Tap IFR. This will set the visibility to 2 miles.

  6. Tap the weather page 2 icon.

  7. Tap the Stratus button.

  8. Tap the Cloud Bases button.

  9. Using your finger, dial in the MDA/DA/DH you noted in step 1, above, rounded up to the nearest 100 feet, then tap ENTER.

  10. Optionally adjust the cloud tops using the same method, by tapping the cloud tops button.

  11. Tap the LESS button.