X-Plane has a feature where it will download the current METAR reports every hour, so you can fly in the actual weather outside.

To use actual weather:

  1. Using the touchpad on the keyboard, move your mouse to the top left of the top left-hand monitor until the X-Plane menus appear.
  2. Click Environment then click Weather.
  3. Click grab real-weather from the net.

  4. Make sure the DOWNLOAD Real-Weather file 'METAR.RWX' from the net box is checked.
  • When the box is checked, X-Plane will download the weather every hour.
  • You can force a download by clicking the Download right now! button.
  • If you manually change the weather, the real weather option will be turned off. Click the Read METAR.rwx right now! button to reset the weather to the real-world weather.
  • Click the X at the top left corner of the weather settings window to close it.

    Note: If you manually change the weather, the weather setting in X-Plane will be automatically set back to set weather uniformly for the whole world. If you want to use real-world weather again, follow the steps above.