Step A: Turn on the Power

  1. Turn on the power strip.
  2. Ensure monitors are turned on. They should each have a blue or amber light with the exception of the small bottom right touch screen.
  3. Press the power button (currently showing a red light) on the bottom right touch screen. The light will turn green, then amber after about 10 seconds.
  4. Press the power button on the front of the computer.
  5. Wait for the computer to power up and for the TouchTrainer Supervisor window to appear.

    This process takes about 30 to 60 seconds.

Step B: Launch TouchTrainer

  1. Swipe on the first screen, from right to left where it says Swipe.

  2. Read the Limitations then swipe to move to the next screen.

  3. Read the For Commercial Use page, then tap twice where it says Double Tap to Continue.

  4. You'll see some startup messages, and the Real Time Monitor section of the screen should show a green indication for all of the hardware.

    When startup is complete, you'll see the instrument panel and the outside view. Be patient - the total startup time could be as long as 3 minutes or more. 

Note: By default the simulator will use the current time of day. If it's night time, the outside view monitors may be black! This is normal.

An X-Plane Update is Available!

If you see the following message in the top center monitor, click Not Now. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGER. The top 3 monitors are NOT touchscreens.

This is shown if X-Plane releases an update. The TouchTrainer will block the download of any updates since any X-Plan update also requires an update to the SimAVIO software that drives the simulator. X-Plane will be automatically updated in a future SimAVIO update.